My wife filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage with absolutely no warning i couldn’t believe it. after being separated for 5 months with no communication from her i was losing my mind one late night I was browsing the internet and happened to stumble upon kates site being completely new to this i didn’t know what to expect. Gave her a call and explained my situation and she was so kind and understanding over the phone it was like talking to a friend I’ve known for a long time she just made me feel so comfortable and hopeful. She was able to help me we started the process the first time i spoke with her. And 3 days later my wife called. To my shock after not speaking to her for 5 months. She told me she wanted to meet for coffee and talk. So we did and little by little we got to the root of our problems and in less then 20 days the divorce was off and she came back home and I have Kate to thank for that.
-Tom, Arkansas
September 9, 2013

My boyfriend of 7 years finally proposed and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. A month into planning our wedding he Became distant. I brushed It off to him being a bit nervous about getting married. Then out of nowhere he said he didn’t think That this was a good idea anymore. i couldn’t believe this was happening I asked why he said he did not have an explanation. Shortly after i had found out that a jealous ex was trying to sabotage us from getting married. A friend recommended Kate, and she was able to help fast. Thank you Kate you really are a blessing i hope you can make it to the wedding.
Monica, Indiana
February 11, 2009

My girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me and I was crushed. I thought she was my soulmate. I contacted Kate to see if she could help me. She had done a chart and seen that the relationship between her and i was not fixable. Kate did however do a spell for me to attract my true soulmate. I appreciate her honesty and am extremely happy today.
Ben, Oregon
May 21, 2016

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